Saturday, August 27, 2011

Manufacturer of Glass Ampoules and Tubular Vials for Pharmaceutical Packaging from India

With a combined experience of over 40 years in the field of scientific and laboratory supplies, Educational Scientific Supplies Co. (Essco), is considered a trusted name in the global science community for exporting extensive value for money products which are in conformity with international quality standards.

Over the years, through our unique investment collaboration, we have developed 28 different ancillaries which are exclusively occupied by our production orders.

Ever since the biotech research boom started worldwide, we have seen a remarkable growth in laboratory glassware orders particularly for ampoules, test tubes and vials. This has inspired us to dedicate our production focus to these glassware items and make every effort to consistently grow our production capacity.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we achieve this by consistently supplying quality glassware at competitive prices.

Essco - Educational Scientific Supplies Co.
An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company
Plot 263, Industrial Estate, Phase-1
Panchkula - 134109
Haryana, INDIA


  1. We are mainly manufacturer of Glass Ampoules (Ampules), Tubular and Molded (Moulded) Vials, Bijou McCartney Universal Bottles and other Laboratory Glassware. Our products are mainly formed from Schott Glass as per International standards. An ISO certified company with over 40 years experience.

  2. Some of our pharmaceutical Packaging product are Glass Ampoules (Ampules) Straight Top, Funnel Top, Closed Top, Constricted Neck, Form B, Form C, Form D, FBCN, Printed Ampoules, Snap Off Ring, Coarse Ring, Amber and Clear Glass Ampoules, Tubular Vials, Screw Neck, Crimp Neck, 20mm Neck, 13mm Neck, HIPS and PVC Ampoule Trays, Bijou Bottles, McCartney Bottles, Universal Bottles, Culture Test Tubes, Aluminum Flip-off Seals, Tear Off Seals, Rubber, Butyl, Bromobutyl, Chlorobutyl, Nitrile, Silicon, Latex, Chloroprene, SBR, PBR Stopers, Spetas, Wads, Beakers, Flasks, Cylinders, Condensers, Funnels, Pipettes, Burettes, Soxhlet Extractors and Volumetric Glassware.

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  4. Range of Bijou Bottles, McCartney Bottles, Universal Bottles improved with export worthy packaging.

  5. ESSCO launches a new Covid-19 dedicated website This site has been specifically created to facilitate consistent supply of critical medical equipment, viral transport medium kits, specimen collection flocked swabs and personal protection kits during the COVID-19 pandemic. View this site as the URL: